Interesting and useful places at Campus San Joaquín

This document describes the most interesting, useful stores and places located at campus San Joaquín, especially, those places near Faculty of Linguistics and Literature.

1. Food places:

1.a  “El Rincón”: offers a variety of cooked plates (for carry out or sit-down), and also several snacks. This site has terraces at front and back, and an indoor casino. From there you have a good view of the campus. Prices go from $3 to $5 dollars.

1.b “Punto Break”: located at the Students Hall, this place has a wide offer in snacks, coffee, fast-food and cooked plates (the latter only from 13.00 to 15.00 p.m.). “Punto Break” has three dinning areas: indoors, outdoors, and a second floor balcony (in Chile, second floor is the equivalent to the first floor in other countries). Prices go from half a dollar up to $6.

1.c “Cafetería del Hall”: just in front of “Punto Break”, you will find a pleasant place to enjoy a café, a juice, a cupcake or a piece of pie. This Cafetería  also offers ice-creams, and tee (regular and flavoured). Prices start at around $2 dollars, depending on your choice.

2. Cash machines (ATMs) and bank: One of the two banks located in Campus San Joaquín is located at Students Hall. There are three cash machines there.

3. Restrooms: please, see the map.

4. Office supply store and UC souvenirs
At Students Hall, you will find “Lápiz López”, an office supply store. Also you will find a small souvenirs-store where you can purchase pens, mugs, pendrives, notebooks, and other UC souvenirs.

5. Recreation and sports:
Campus sportive facilities include heated indoor pool, sport courts for soccer (grass or synthetic), basketball and tennis; athletic flooring for volleyball and basketball; athletics track; gym. All this facilities are located at sport area of campus, where you can enjoy walking or running.